This page was created to help as a resource and give updates and provide webinars during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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NAA Resources

NAA's Guidance for Dealing with the CoronaVirus

Novel Coronavirus_guidance.pdf

Best Practices For Resident Exposure

10 ways to Keep Residents Engaged During Covid-19

Dailey Micro-WEBINARS

Webinars/coronavirus-outbreak 3/19/2020

Handling Maintenance 3/23/2020

My Resident Tested Positive for COVID-19, Now What? 3/24/2020

Guidance for Suppliers Amid Covid-19 3/25/2020

THE FREE WEBINAR HOSTED by CSU on 3/36/2020 @ 1:30pm

9 Things Every Leader Should Know

Multifamily Insights on COVID-19
A Study by J Turn
March 2020 Study

 Handling Stress During Covid-19


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