Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the association?

To join GCAA you can sign up online here by creating an account or by completed a membership application and email it to


Who is considered a Member of the Association?

There are two Member types in the associations.

1. Owner/Manager Member or also known as O/M

Any person, corporation, Partnership, or other organization which owns, builds, develops, manages, operates, or supervises the operation of multi-family rental housing. Any person, corporation, Partnership, or other organization which owns, builds, develops, manages, operates, or supervises the operation of multi-family rental housing. Management Companies receive their membership via a property member in good standing.


Managers, Regionals, Area mamangers, Assistant Managers, Maintenanace Techs & Supervisors, Grounds, Housekeepers, Marketing, Office Maagers, Leasing Consultants, etc 

2. Associate Member also know as Vendor or Supplier.

Any person, corporation, partnership or other organization which provides products and/or services or otherwise deals with multi-family rental housing, lenders, title companies, insurance companies and any other organizations or institutions interested in the promotion of the multi-family rental housing industry.


Painters, Roofers, Flooring Install, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Valet Services, Maintenanace Sales, Pool Services, Landscaping and Lawn Maintenanace, Office Supplies, etc.

If I am a member of GCAA, does that make me a member of GAA?

If you are a member of GCAA, you are automatically a member of GAA. The same applies if your company is a member of any of the six affiliate Associations in Georgia.

If my company joins in the middle of the year, do I still pay the full dues amount?

The membership period is from Jan-December. You can join as a member anytime throughout the year. Your membership will be pro-rated for the upcoming year and will be due on Jan 1st each. Please see the membership application with business procedures listed.

How can I get more involved in GCAA?

If you haven’t already, we highly suggest that you and any other members of your company attend our next  GCAA-101 class! This complimentary class is hosted by our most seasoned veteran members. They explain everything there is to know about GCAA and give insight on how to market to key decision-makers in the Apartment Industry. They are also there to answer any questions you may have about membership. Look at our events calendar to find out when the next class is offered, and be sure to register!

Please check out the "Get Involved" section of our  Here, you will find our Involvement Form- which you must fill out in order to be considered for our Membership Committee. 

When should I expect a new directory?

Our Membership Directories are printed and sent out annually. If you did not receive a copy, please contact our our so we can verify your company address and the primary contact who would have received your company’s copy!

I applied for membership, when will I receive confirmation that I have been approved?

Thank you for applying for membership! If your payment has been processed you are unofficially considered a member, meaning you will have user access and be able to register for events. Your company will officially be approved as a member at our next board meeting (The board meets every other month except for in May,July & August). After approval, you will receive a New Members Packet in the mail which will include a current copy of our Membership Directory and other helpful information to get you rolling! We also encourage you to head over to our events calendar and search for our next GCAA 101 class.

What is my Membership ID?

We actually do not have Membership IDs. If someone needs confirmation of your membership, we will be happy to help! Please email

Is there an online directory ?

You can take a look at our Associate Member list through our website's member compass if you are a member.  There is also a listing under the membership tab by membership type.  

I have a new community I need to get signed up, what is my first step?

We will be happy to help you with this! We have a membership application you can complete and submit. Please email your community information at  Information needed will be Management Compay. Community Name, Manager contact info, number of units.

What is the best networking opportunity as an Associate Member?

All of our events offer networking opportunities and benefits! However, the event that your company will not want to miss out on is our annual Trade Show.Typically there are over 150 attendees. This is your chance to showcase your product or service to industry professionals. You must be an Associate member of GCAA to exhibit. The registration for the annual trade show opens up 6 months in advance for planning.  Please stay tuned for the upcoming years show on our announcements and event page.

Which GCAA events provide sponsorship opportunities?

All of our major events provide sponsorship opportunities! Those include Dinner Meetings, Trade Show, Annual Awards Night, Community Outreach Efforts, Education Classes and work shops, special events and also on our website homepage as a Featured Member annually. For questions about each event and how to sponsor, you are welcome to contact us at 


Do I have to be a member of GCAA to attend an event?

 Membership is required prior to attending or sponsoring any major event that GCAA offers. Major events would be signatures events like Trade Show, Annual Awards & Special Events.   Non-members are limited to attend dinner meetings, fundraisers & education sessions at a higher cost than members.

How does a member submit a Board Nomination?

If you would like to nominate yourself or a members to serve on the Board, please look for the open nominations posted between the end of Summer and beginning of Fall.  Your nomination will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and the nominee may be contacted by the committee chair for other information and committenace if elected.  A proposed slate of nomininees will then be presented to the Board of Directors and each are asked to vote by secrete ballot.  The Elected Board Members will then we contacted by the Nominating Chair and announced to the general membership. Each Board member will serve a 2 year term with the exception of the Executive Board who will each move up in sucession each year. 

Who can make a nomination for the Board of Directors?

Any member in good standing can be nominated by any member of the association in good standing.

How Do I Nominate for Recogniation Awards?

Each year, usually in the Fall, members will be notified of the upcoming Recognition Award Nominations. 

Members may nominate someone in each of the following categories, keeping in mind the nominees’ service to their residents, customers, co-workers, and our Association. 

 Nomination Guidelines:

Each submission will be read by a panel of judges selected by the Executive Committee. The winner will be selected based on the content of the details in the submission as well as their service to GCAA.  These are not selected by the number of times submitted. The more information we get, the better! Check the boxes that apply to each nominee.  Do not use the nominees name or community name or company name in the written section of this form. Nominee should be referred to as “this person” or “this nominee”.  Refer to a property or company as “the property” or “the company”.

Click here to see the Award Catgeories along with the criteria.