Committee Descriptions

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Membership Committee:

This committee shall formulate plans and conduct activities and programs to increase new membership and provide effective membership retention. Also helps sell membership ads for the newsletter and annual membership guide. The committee should work to help ensure a continuous growth in membership of the GCAA. The responsibilities of this committee consist of recruiting new members, building relationships to retain existing members, contact members on a regular basis to provide information on upcoming events and meetings, plan and host new member orientations, and develop an annual membership drive.

Education & Programs:

Researches trainers and organizaes educational classes for members. This committee will choose venue, trainer, menu, greet and produce sign up flyers for each class: The purpose of the Programs and Education Committee is to provide programming for the membership meetings, and provide the members with informative and enlightening classes and seminars. Both should provide content that are relevant to the multi-family housing industry. These sessions and classes can also help a member gain continuing education credits and designations.

Community Outreach:

Coordinates charity events and/or other avenues to get our membership involved in the community. Feeding the Valley, Homeless Resource Network, Carpenters Way, American Cancer Society, etc. We often have fundraisers at the monthly dinner meetings to help support the charity of choice selected by the committee.

Hospitality & Member Retention:

Responsible for arranging two people to work the sign-in table at each meeting. Also responsible for introducing new members and helping them to meet other members. This committee will contact new members and ensure that they are getting what they expected out of their membership. Coordinate the Vendor Spotlights for dinner meetings and get members involved with the association.

Special Events:

Plans all the “special” meetings: Maintenance Appreciation, Vendor Appreciation, and Family Night but also works with other committees to incorporate other programs & meetings into special events like fundraisers. This committee needs two dedicated co-chairs. Planning the events, including reserving venues, selecting menu and bar items, games, collecting prizes or planning for special gifts, selling sponsorship's, etc.

Awards Night Program & Celebration:

This committee plans teh biggest party of the year! The annual Christmas party is held in December each year, and includes finding and contracting the entertainment of DJ/Band, choosing the venue, menu and arranging all the fine details that go into the Christmas party (table linens, center pieces, programs and invites, décor, promotes sponsorship's, etc.) while organizing within a budget.

Associate Council:

This committee is made up of the Associate Directors on the Board. They will plan programs, activities, educational sessions to benefit the vendor members. The council will be responsible for planning and executing the annual Trade Show. The Trade Show is where vendor members showcase their products and services to the apartment/property management members. This includes attending committee meetings, assist in making key decisions such as pricing for booths/sponsors, calling on vendor members to sell booths, marketing, day of event set-up, and other duties as needed.


This committee is responsible for creating a budget and overseeing the Association’s financial status. The chair of this committee will report our finances to the Board at the monthly meetings. The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Treasurer/Financial chair to provide and oversee the association’s budget and monitoring income and expenses throughout the year. This committee works closely with the executive director.

Governmental Affairs:

This committee is the official liaison between the association and various governmental entities. The purpose of the Government Affairs committee is to report and respond to local, state, national legislative issues that affect the apartment industry, as well as plan & develop PAC fundraisers, and advocate on behalf of the interests of the multifamily industry. The Chairperson coordinates GCCA’s activities with the Georgia Apartment Association on all matters concerning local, state and national issues.